Testimonial: Sua Park

The organization I worked for is called Mosoj Yan, a Christian organization established seventeen years ago in 1991. The organization is based entirely in the city of Cochabamba, and it employs 23 full time professionals plus long term and temporary volunteers like me. The organization serves approximately 100 girls, ages 6-18. The Center provides basic services such as a cafeteria, hygiene facilities, laundry services, and savings accounts, as well as long-term therapeutic services, educational support, information on disease prevention, and skills development workshops.

A typical day began at 8:30 AM and ended in the early afternoon, two hours of lunch break, and finish around 4:30pm. My work primarily was to work in the administrative office. The main building where I worked was 2 stories building consisted with 8 rooms that were occupied with 3 or 4 staffs in each rooms and I worked at the administrative office assisting the director. It was a small office room that only the director and I use privately. The office was somewhat disorganized when I arrived, with years of files and correspondence stored without any particular order. I helped solve this problem by labeling, categorizing, and re-filing the documents. I did not lead any of the workshops held at Mosoj Yan but I provided organizational assistance to several.

I visited the The Center for Girls and Adolescents Who Work on the Street twice a week and I worked there with the other interns to workshops on a variety of issues, including health care, sanitation, and disease prevention. During the workshops, I sat and interacted with the participants and tried to converse in Spanish. Typically, about twenty women attended these workshops and events. All of the young women I worked with at Mosoj Yan had engaged in begging, informal labor, and prostitution. As I look back the moments that I had in Sustainable Bolivia, I feel lucky and blessed. I will miss the times in Bolivia so much. It was simply too precious to forget. I feel thankful to Sustainable Bolivia for letting me to learn, experience and grow even more.

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