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Bolivia Digna (formally Yo Voy a Ti)


About Bolivia Digna

Bolivia Digna is a NGO based in Cochabamba, Bolivia and founded in 2006. Its objective is to promote and defend the rights of infants, children, adolescents and other vulnerable social groups living in exclusion and poverty, in some of the poorest communities in Latin America.

We run several projects with the aim of promoting and instilling a culture of volunteering. To this end, as of early 2015, more than 50 Bolivians and close to 40 international volunteers have been part of our program for periods of between one month and over a year at a time.


We believe that the best way to support these communities and alleviate poverty is to invest in the formal and informal education of the young people, in partnership with their community. All people, and especially infants and children, should have adequate living conditions (spiritual, material, health and social) and should have the opportunity to fully exercise their rights.

Through educational programs and social assistance programs, we promote better living conditions and create more opportunities for advancement for people, particularly young people, living in poor or marginal conditions.

Current Projects


Children under school age often find themselves in environments unsuitable for their development: frequently they are taken to work with one of the parents or left in the care of an older sibling. We provide a safe place where the children can participate in social, creative and educational games. We are looking for patient, creative people with or without experience, who enjoy working with small kids.

Homework help

Many of the children we work with have difficulties with their formal education. Some have poor performance in school and others have simply stopped attending.

We help and encourage them to value their education. We try to inspire, encourage and help the children to learn and we are looking for people who can assist primary and secondary school kids with homework – especially with maths, sciences and Spanish.

English school

Although most children in secondary school have English lessons, they rarely get the opportunity to hear or speak with native English speakers. We have fun ways to get them speaking, singing and playing games in English. We build the self-confidence and communication skills of the children by encouraging them in a fun way to speak English and are looking for people with excellent spoken English who can come up with interesting ways to inspire the kids to learn.

Sports school

Many children and adolescents have an interest in sport, especially football.

We aim to help increase the self-esteem of young people by using sport as a tool to teach the values of commitment, respect, discipline, responsibility and working in a team. We are looking for people who enjoy sport, ideally with a coaching background, who can inspire and help organise training sessions and games.

Creative projects

Children living in poor communities get little time or encouragement to learn skills and demonstrate talents that are not immediately “useful”. We run projects to captivate, entertain and inspire the children and at the same time reinforce the core values that underlay all our work. Anyone with a hobby can help – we are looking for people with passion, creativity and commitment.

Health and Nutrition

Many of the children lack clean water for drinking. Their diet is very poor and hygiene standards are low.

Each day, for each child attending we provide (bottled) drinking water and a healthy snack – fruit, vegetables, eggs, high fibre biscuits etc. We also provide facilities, soap and water so each child can wash their hands before eating. We are looking for people with a background in healthcare or nutrition to provide content and for people with organization skills to coordinate activities with partners.

Community projects

In general, anything that benefits the community benefits the kids. We therefore initiate, facilitate or otherwise assist with projects that improve the living conditions or status of the communities.

We need people with practical skills (building, painting, etc.) to work directly on projects and people with organisation skills to manage work with our volunteers and partner organisations.

Other activities

We also need people to help run the foundation. You can help plan and prepare lessons. You can organize fundraising events and activities. You can promote the work of Bolivia Digna through social media and with volunteer agencies…

We are looking for people with organization skills, web or social media experience, fundraising experience, and general practical skills.

Volunteer/Internship Requirements

  Spanish   Beginner
  Minimum commitment   1 month
  Related knowledge/skills   Creativity, Leadership, and self-initiative
  Flexibility, Patience, and Understanding
  Willingness to work in diverse environments and with children